Hydrotherapy Retreat – allow 1 1/2 hours $165

• Hydrotherapy Spa • Massage

Mum to Be – allow 2 hours • $195

The perfect treatment for this very special chapter in your life. What every expecting mother needs.
• Mum to be Pedicure to ease your aching feet
• Radiance Facial for you skins changing needs, or Motherhood Massage to ease your sore, tired back

The Dream – allow 2 hours • $240

Begin your dreamy experience with our beautiful Spa Facial personally prescribed for your skin. Perfectly smooth and soft hands and feet follow you with our magical manicure and pedicure treatments. You will be transformed with a beautifully glowing radiant complexion.

Relax and Renew – allow 2 hours • $250

This nurturing experience helps comfort the mind and body and sooth the skin. Our beautiful salt and oil exfoliation begins this journey to buff away dead skin cells, stimulate circulation and prepare the body to be cocooned in mineral rich warm therapeutic algae, while your body is transformed to deep state of relaxation, enjoy our signature scalp massage easing stress and tension and clearing the mind. Our signature massage treatment then waits ensuring your body is beautifully hydrated, relaxed and renewed.

Stress Buster – allow 2 1/4 hours • $320

The perfect remedy for all over body relaxation and recuperation. Our beautiful signature Vichy Shower experience awaits you, while your body is polished to perfection and your skin transforms, perfectly soft, smooth and hydrated. Our warm water massage melts away built up stress and tension, followed is our amazing high performance facial designed to suit your skin type and any special concerns. A stress releasing scalp massage will follow, easing away any stress and tension, bringing harmony to the body and mind, ensuring you are totally stress free, radiant and relaxed.

Rest & Recovery – allow 3 hours • $350

Incorporating our most popular and beautiful, signature treatments. A soothing relaxing and radiance boosting experience for the face and body. This unique treatment begins with a full body exfoliation to boost circulation and smooth the skin. Our unique warm water massage is then followed by a Radiance Facial, restoring the skin’s natural luminosity as the mind is relaxed with a therapeutic scalp massage. Finally let your body surrender to a personalised aromatic body massage, easing away any stress and tension, ensuring total rest and recovery.

Total Body Elegance – allow 6 hours or 3 hours over 2 days $650

Enjoy this luxurious day with us, as total rest and relaxation awaits you with our signature head to toe spa retreat to recharge your mind and body with this beautiful experience.
• Ultimate Vichy Experience with full body polish
• Body Wrap
• Signature Massage
• High Performance Facial
• Classic Manicure
• Deluxe Spa Pedicure
• Spa Lunch and refreshments